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Hat Robber

Anaheim resident charged with stealing 9,800 hats.

A large stock of baseball caps were reported missing on December 1, 2004. The Caps-etc Co. lost almost 10,000 ball caps from a warehouse where they were waiting to be shipped to retail stores. The robbery took place in Anaheim, California.

It is safe to say that they were finally found and recovered last Tuesday. They were found in the garage and backyard of Jerry Smith. Those living around the neighborhood refer to Smith as "Ol' stink". Police found this out the hard way as they investigated this case. As they searched Smith's home for more of the missing ball caps, they were forced to wear gas masks in side Smith's house to avoid passing out.

Smith was detained and interrogated. The man pleaded guilty to the grand theft of all 9,800 ball caps. Smith did not, however reveal how it was ever possible to swipe that many hats and get away with it for so long.

What was most interesting about this case is what was embroidered on every single hat stolen. On each one were the words "World's best parent". Local residents agreed that this wasn't the best example to set for their kid's, If this man had any.

Jerry Smith agreed to give a public apology in order for the possibility of a reduced sentence. But, when all microphones were pointed in his direction expecting an apology, Smith blurted out, "Fight the power!" and made a dash for freedom. Smith was shot by Anaheim police with a taser gun causing the poor man to fall in a pile of dog feces. Smith is now waiting for his trial in the Anaheim city jail.

Reported by: Young Stink
FCB News Staff    1

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