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Stripper on the loose

Local Frogville resident held on charges of public nudity.

Txtfrog Frog from right here in Frogville, Frog Land was arrested yesterday on four counts of public nudity. "Txtfrog had been running around town naked for several weeks before we finally caught that bastard," police Sgt. Brigs said. "We had gotten several complaints from concerned mothers about a man running around naked and decided it was time to take this criminal down once and for all."

The police used a computer to plot out where Frog had been streaking, and they found a trend. They then set up a trap for Frog based on the collected information. "Our man fell right into it," Brigs explained.

Brigs staged a public event knowing that the streaker was sure to run by during the event. Sure enough, they saw a man run by with no clothes on. The police hiding in the area went in for the kill and brought Txtfrog Frog down.

Many local Frogville residents were shocked at who it was. One widowed Mrs. Cunningham had this to say, "I always thought Txtfrog was such a good intentioned person. I guess Txtfrog has finally shown their true side. That man Bitch! Foolin' us all like that!"

Txtfrog Frog will be tried next month in the local courthouse in Frogville, Frog Land. Police are now warning parents to stay close to their children in case other freaks decide to follow the actions of Frog. A new law is currently being written to bring down harsher punishments in cases like this. This new law will be named after the man and is called "Frog's law."

Until Frog is tried and jailed, police are posting pictures of this criminal all around Frogville. "People should stay far away from this man." Said Brigs, "Frog has been exposed as a pervert and we don't want this man hurting anyone."

Txtfrog Frog declined our request for an interview saying only, "I ate my underpants!"

We will cover news of the trial as it happens.

Reported by: James Creek
FCB News Staff    1

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