"Fake news" is a prank script written for the sole purpose of confusing, embarrassing, and angering your friends. Simply fill out the forum below and it will create a fake news story of your choice. Our site will then e-mail your friend telling them that "a friend of theirs" found a news article and referred it to them. It then gives them the link to the fake story, which will look 100% authentic.
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Privacy Policy

We will not sell your information. Or any information you give us for that matter. We are here solely as a form of entertainment and aren't trying to gain anything from this. If you respect us we'll respect you. The news articles are dynamically created and do not actually exist unless someone like you makes it. We really don't have any information to protect since nothing except the stripped news article is stored on our servers. All your precious info is safe with us... yes... of course it is... MUAHAHAHAHA erm...